Sindhu Darshan Festival is held every year on Guru Purnima (full moon day) in the month of June. It is held at Leh, in Ladakh District of Jammu & Kashmir. It continues for three days. It was first started in the October 1997 and is being held every year since then. It is here that Lord Jhulelal was born. Sindhu Darshan Festival is an assimilation or religions, enthusiasm and adventure. It attracts large number of foreign as well domestic tourists.

The Sindhu Darshan Festival is a celebration of the Sindhu river, also known as the Indus. It is one of the world’s longest rivers. The Festival aims to endorse the Sindhu river as an icon of communal harmony and unity of India. Visitors take a dip in the holy river, offer prayers and respects to the Almighty.

India has originated from the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation. The Sindhu river originates in the South West Tibet at the height of 16000 feet, and enters into India from Leh. It meets its first tributary Zanskar about 11 km from Leh. After about 200 miles it touches the southern west borders of Jammu.